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South African Tourism 'South Africa, the home of humanity'

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Great ad, splendid timing - 'SA Tourism's communication is an antidote to all the bitterness, anger and defeatism.' - Brendan Seery.


This weeks Orchid Award goes to SA Tourism. Read all about it at Bizcommunity's website.


Offline Editor: Andrew Traill.

Assistant editor: Lunga Mthombeni.

Colourist: Michele Wilson.

Online Supervisor and Lead Artist: Michael Naidoo.

OnlineArtist Team: Chad Naidoo, Graeme Carr, Werner Botha.

Post Production Producer: Mandy Biart.

Audio/Sound Design: Lorens Persson of in-house Sterling Sound.

Music Composition: Audio Militia.

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