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Recovery Fund: Cindy

⚠️Trigger warning ⚠️

This blog post contains an image of burn damage.

On the 30th June, Cindy Sibiya, our Johannesburg LUDUS Hospitality Manager, was involved in a terrible accident at her house.

Cindy was severely injured in a paraffin fire, suffering deep third-degree burns on her face, hands, body, as well as to her lungs.

Cindy is in a critical but stable condition. She is being looked after in the High-Care-Ward, at the Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital.

Burn-rehabilitation is extremely expensive. Cindy has undergone debridement which is the medical removal of dead and damaged tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue. With that said, we do need a plastic surgeon to treat Cindy, this too is going to be costly.

The LUDUS has opened a fund because so many of our friends, clients and suppliers wish to be part of her recovery.

LUDUS Johannesburg Facility Manager Sheron Enslin and Colourist Michele Wilson will administer this fundraiser.

The money that is donated will go towards the plastic surgeon, medicines, groceries, looking after her children while she is in hospital, fixing up her home and replacing all the household furniture and items that got burnt in the fire.

We know that finances are tough for us all during COVID-19, but so many of you have reached out to help Cindy, that even a small donation towards this fund will go a long way.

Her journey, going forward, will be a painful, long and costly one. Cindy is in a huge amount of pain and we want to try our very best to get the plastic surgeon involved soonest, to reduce the amount of scarring to her face and get the best burn-care possible.

Please keep Cindy in your thoughts and prayers and if you are able to help please EFT your contribution to the following bank account (use your surname/company name as the reference + 'CIN' after it):


Account Name: Upstairs Ludus (Pty) Ltd

Account Type: Current Account

Bank: ABSA

Branch: Heerengracht

Branch Code: 632 005

Account Number: 4085682075


Please share this post with other people who you think, may wish to also assist Cindy.

Thank you, the LUDUS

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