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Colgate 'Rugby'

The Ludus performed full post on the new Colgate ad for Agency Red Fuse.

Mark Ash offline edited for director Dean Blumberg and Hello Baxter. Michele Wilson graded and Cyril Schumann onlined.

Music was composed by Adam Howard of Howard Audio and Tapiwa Muchirahondo of Skyye Collective final mixed.

Check it out below!

Client: Colgate

Agency: Red Fuse @redfuse Production-House: Hello Baxter @hello_baxter Executive Producer: Alison Ellard @alisonellard

Producer: Karen Kloppers @karen.kloppers.7

Production Coordinator: Britt Ballantyne @ballantynes_equine_clipping

DOP: Paul Gilpin Director: Dean Blumberg @dean_blumberg

Agency Producer: Maud Bellet Post Production Facility: Ludus Post Productions @upstairs_ludus Post Production Producer: Matthew Stead @matystead Editor: Mark Ash @markashsa

Colourist: Michele Wilson @colourmemich Online Artist: Cyril Schumann @cyrilschumann

Audio Engineer: Tapiwa Muchirahondo, Skyye Collective. @tapiwamuch @skyyecollective.

Music Composition: Adam Howard, Howard Audio. @howard_audio

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