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Brand SA Wins Best In Film Craft!

Well done to our editor, Nick Gishen & online artist, Michael Naidoo for their achievements in this month's IDidTht Craft Awards.

It's great to see your work being recognised by one of the best CCO's in South Africa.

“My Best of Reel goes to the team at Ludus; Nick Gishen (Offline), Michael Naidoo (Online) for the fantastic job they did with Brand South Africa’s ‘One Africa One People’. Their editing skills kept me attached to the lead character throughout a frenetic race to safety. The shots were selected perfectly and timed beautifully. The piece was so magically crafted that I was transported into the terrifying mind and heart of the lead character. Powerful stuff!” - Adjudicator Ahmed Tilly; Chief Creative Officer at FCB Johannesburg.

A massive shout out to director Ernest Nkosi for entrusting LUDUS with the Post Production.

Production House: Seriti Films

Director: Ernest Nkosi

Producer: Jhadi Quinn

Executive Producer: Leanne Kumalo of Seriti Films

Post Producer: Mandy Biart

Sound design: Sean Williams of in-house Sterling Sound

View the film below!

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