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Again! #stopgbv

The Ludus performed full post on TVC for Writer / Director Stephina Zwane 'Again! #stopgbv'. Andrew Traill offline edited for Production House Bomb Commercials. Craig Simonetti was the colourist & Chad Naidoo onlined. Sean Williams of audio partners Sterling Sound Studios performed the final mix.

Check it out below!

Production-House: Bomb Commercials

Executive Producer: Gavin Joubert

Writer & Director: Stephina Zwane

Producer: Marc G Harrison

Cinematographer: Gaopi Kabe

Art Director: Dylan Lloyd

Post Production Facility: Ludus Post Productions

Post Production Producer: Enslin Sheron

Colourist: Craig Simonetti

Online Artist: Chad Naidoo

Post Production Assistant: Thabo Mejelo

Audio Engineer: Sean Williams of IN-HOUSE Sterling Sound Studios

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