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"Ludus Post Productions is a post-production facility re-imagined – a facility that caters for the needs of production houses, directors and agencies.  Where work meets life." – Screen Africa


A ‘Ludus’ was an ancient Roman school where gladiators were trained. Much like those schools, what comes out of Ludus Post Productions is exceptional and dedicated to accomplishment.




Ludus Post Productions has studios in both Johannesburg and Cape Town - an acclaimed post-production facility known for seamlessly translating innovative ideas into audio-visual reality. We have a long history of collaboration with prominent directors, producers and premium brands.


Our world-renowned team is available across both cities – offering you the expertise you need, wherever you are.




Our post-production gladiators are the heart and soul of Ludus Post Productions, while our distinguished online and offline editors, colourists and in-house sound engineering partners win the battle every time. And they earn awards and accolades frequently.




Take a tour of our Hurlingham branch in JHB or the Woodstock Branch in CT. If you can’t make it in person, our video conferencing capabilities are the next best thing, ensuring peace of mind for clients.


Our leading team of post-production professionals is armed with robust skills in editing, grading and effects, including audio facilities. Together, they provide state-of-the-art resources that meet all of your post-production requirements.


Ludus Post Productions facilities include:


  • Editing:

    • Avid Media Composer

    • Adobe Premiere

    • DaVinci Resolve Edit 16

  • Grading:

    • DaVinci Resolve Colour 16

  • Online finishing and VFX:

    • Autodesk Smoke

    • DaVinci Resolve Studio 16

  • Audio facilities:

    • Pro Tools

    • Voice Recording Booths

    • Extensive Music Library

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